Lead in Water Testing

If you need lead in water testing, you have come to the right place. We are able to help anyone in the Chicagoland area with proper testing for lead in drinking water.

We will come out to your location and provide the proper container for collecting your water sample for lead testing. We will collect samples at the fixtures you want to test the water for lead.

Drinking Water Testing

We only use an IEPA AND NELAP labs. Our testing labs follow standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association, and Departments of Public Health to ensure quality and reliability.

We will provide all of the paperwork needed, send the reports to the IEPA or EPA for verification and acknowledgement that the process adhered to the methods required by the state of Illinois.

lead in water

Lead in Drinking Water

Lead in drinking water is typically caused by lead pipes in older homes. If your house was built before 1986 there is a chance you have lead pipes and are at risk. Lead can cause health problems for anyone, but is more dangerous for children than adults. If you suspect that you might have lead in your water we suggest having a lead water test performed.

Lead Testing Company

Testing for lead in water should be performed by qualified companies and we here at Chlorinating Ltd. Inc. can take care of the whole process for you. Call us now at (847) 991-8330 and we will be happy to assist you right away!

Health Impacts of lead in drinking water
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