Water Purification

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Water Purification

Chlorination is the most proven, effective and widely used water purification method for water disinfection of water distribution systems, pipelines and water fixtures in both new plumbing and in existing piping and waterworks utilities following service or repair.

Chlorine is a powerful germicide that cleans and sanitizes water pipes and facilities. Required by law, chlorination treatment disinfects to kill the microorganisms and pathogens that can be present in raw water and in the layers of algae and bacteria that build up on the interior walls of water pipes. Pathogens can be transmitted through drinking water distribution systems, causing waterborne illnesses like cholera, dysentery, Legionnaires’ disease, and typhoid in those who consume it. Chlorination treatment prevents the outbreak and spread of waterborne disease and ensures water quality that is safe for public consumption.

Water Purification Companies Chicago, IL

Chlorinating Ltd. follows exacting procedures to clean and sanitize water pipes and facilities. The process generally entails:

  • Circulating a concentration of chlorine evenly throughout the water distribution system.
  • Conducting tests to verify that chlorine levels meet American Water Works Association standards for disinfection.
  • Leaving chlorine undisturbed for a 24 hour period.
  • Bacteriological water testing of a sample to ensure satisfactory test results that meet Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and American Water Works Association regulations.

The green and white ecological flag on our website serves as reminder of our commitment to and care for the environment. While chlorine is a naturally occurring element that plays a vital role in protecting human health, it is a highly complex and potent substance subject to strict environmental and safety standards. All of our work conforms to guidelines set forth by the IEPA and AWWA.


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