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Water Treatment

If you’re looking for water treatment companies near Chicago, then you need our services. As one of the best water purification companies in Chicago, we can offer you top-notch service at a great price . We use water chlorination, a form of water treatment in which chlorine is added to the water to make it fit for human needs.

To protect drinking water from disease-causing organisms or pathogens, water needs to be disinfected. Clean water is important, so make sure you hire the best. Hire the professionals at Chlorinating Ltd., Chicago’s premier water treatment company. Call today!

Water Treatment Companies Chicago, IL

Chlorinating Ltd.. manages a variety of water chlorination projects for customers, working with a variety of chlorination methods. Our team of experienced professionals oversees every project from start to finish, meeting your deadline and your budget.

Our services include:

  • Complete Water Chlorination Services and De-Chlorination Services
  • Interior Pipe Chlorination of Residential and Commercial Buildings, Schools, Federal Buildings, Hospitals, and Municipalities
  • Chlorination of Clear-Wells, Elevated Tanks, Filter Beds, Water Towers, Reservoirs, and Water Treatment Plants
  • Complete Water Quality Testing Services of chlorine,copper, fluoride, lead,bacteria, waste water, and more
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Pressure Connections on 3” to 16” water mains
  • Line Tapping on water mains from ¼“ to 16”
  • Line Stopping using Hydra-Stop equipment on pipes from 4” to 12”
  • Valve Insertions (with the Insta-Valve Plus) on 4” to 12” water mains
  • Flushing mains, hydrants, risers and fixtures
  • Well Chlorination for residential and commercial properties

Chlorinating Ltd. is an authorized installer of the patented Insta-Valve Plus by Hydra-Stop. The Insta-Valve Plus enables the flow of water in a pressurized water main to be stopped without interrupting water flow in the pipe and without reducing water pressure. Chlorinating Ltd. can quickly and safely install the Insta-Valve Plus in pipes from 4” to 12” in diameter, allowing us to establish control points and isolation zones. The Insta-Valve Plus delivers years of dependable service; in manufacturer testing, the Insta-Valve underwent 200 cycles of opening and closing without difficulty.


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